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A revolutionary patented healthcare product !

Prefer(TM) range of Patented hygienic Protective Pillowcases

The ultimate protection from dust, microorganisms and other contaminants from right under your nose!

The pillows that we use daily collect and trap body fluids, such as saliva, mucus secretion, blood, pus and disease carrying organisms. Over time, they accumulate to a considerable amount and provide an optimum environment for the breeding of microorganisms such as mites, ticks, bacteria and other disease spreading organisms. These may feed on your body secretion and start to breed within the pillow. Your pillow has become a living habitat for microorganisms! These undesired organisms are capable of inducing allergic related reaction such as asthma and hay fever. Worse, diseases may pass from one pillow user to another.

Re-washable pillowcases do not offer protection against the pillow from getting contaminated. They merely conceal the unhealthy contamination from your view. In reality, you face the risk of having these trapped contaminants in the pillow moving freely through the porous pillowcases towards you and vice versa.

In addition, cotton pillowcases do not offer protection against stains and odor on the pillow, therefore reducing the life span of the pillow. Prefer TM pillowcase protect the internal pillow from all stains and odor, keeping the pillow condition good as new for a much extended period of time.

Prefer(TM) Patented hygienic pillowcase offers protection against such contaminants, without compromising comfort with their unique design features.

- PreferTM specially formulated clean and permeable top surface breathable layer, offering maximum softness, comfort, and allows good absorption of body fluids.
- PreferTM specially formulated impermeable base layer inhibits migration of contaminants through the pillow, protecting users from getting into contact with harmful microorganisms residing in the pillow. It also prevents the pillow from further contamination.
- Disposable after use. Ensure a peace of mind for users with no worries about risk of being exposed to contaminants & harmful microorganisms in the pillow.
- Design is elegant and reflects a clean & luxurious bedding item, adding a classy touch to the surrounding.
- Client's logo is imprinted on PreferTM pillowcase for customized recognition.
- Proven cost savings on eliminating the needs for laundry, ironing, storage and other labor cost involved which are normally required for conventional cotton pillowcases.
- No need to stock up more than one pillowcase for each pillow. Supply is ensured at all times according to your demand.

Perfect For: Hotels, Hospitals, Hostels, Homes, Motels & Etc.